Our Services

Our Services


JCO Logistics as a freigh forwarding company operates majorly in the marine transportation industry through Barging operations


We are committed to our promise of delivering possibilities all the way and we do so by the transportation of containers via trucks (road) where barging is not possible.


We work with the relevant authority to ensure goods imported into the country are properly documented and released on time.


JCO Logistics is a third-party barge operator with TITC and is a vendor to shipping lines like ZIM, COSCO, Maersk line, PIL.


JCO Logistics in a bid for expansion has diversified its operations in the Marine Logistics industry by venturing into General Terminal Operations


In the vast tapestry of supply chain orchestration, warehousing is the silent guardian of efficiency. Safeguarding goods, streamlining operations, and ensuring seamless transitions – where every shelf tells a story of reliability and precision


The foundation of our continued success and development is attributed to the competitive advantage of a well established, financially sound and dynamic customer friendly company.

  • We take responsibility as a dependable excellent logistics service provider.
  • JCO logistics specialize in Barging Operations, Trucking, Clearing and Forwarding, Transfer and Delivery of Empty Container and General Terminal Operations
  •  We contribute to the business environment by aiding and ensuring business continuity through effective and efficient handling and dealing with day-to-day transportation challenges faced by importers thereby contributing to National development.  .

Transportation as the largest Industry in the World

Transportation is one of the largest industries in the world. It refers to the movement of products and raw materials from one destination to another. This process begins with the supply chain to the shipping of the finished product to the consumer.

Transportation is a key element in the logistic chain. It joins together those components that are considered to be separated. Transportation systems connect supply chain components and must be properly managed and controlled for transportation and logistics to work together successfully.

Why Choose JCO Logistics?

*To increase supply chain efficiency, we develop cost-effective transportation rates while reducing overhead, total inventory, and overall cost-per-order processing. 

* Since Lifestyle and leisure markets are now very competitive, we are able to deliver the online or in-store experience customers now expect. 

Firstly, inbound logistics – with direct promotions and advertised retail products, maintaining on-time and in-stock position is a must.

* At JCO Logistics Nigeria Limited, we operate as an extension of your business, providing freight forwarding, fulfilment, warehousing, distribution, To ensure that employees can provide excellent customer service, we implementee a robust quality control process and invest in employee training.

JCO Africa as a business solution provider

We bridges transportation gap by providing a business solution that aids seamless transfer of goods from one point to the other.

As a business solution provider, we are not unaware of the fact that everywhere is not covered by water. We are committed to our promise of delivering possibilities all the way and we do so by the transportation of containers via trucks (road) where barging is not possible.

John Chibueze Okoli

Ceo & Founder

Efficiency in motion, precision in delivery - where every mile is a testament to reliability. In the world of logistics, we bridge distances and connect possibilities, turning challenges into opportunities. Our commitment is not just in moving goods, but in moving businesses forward.

Gold Chika Okoli


Efficiency in motion, precision in delivery. We don't just transport goods; we navigate the intricate pathways of logistics, turning challenges into solutions, and ensuring every destination is reached with excellence.

Kendra Ubochiegbu Amarachi


Efficiency in motion, precision in delivery – where every mile is a promise, and every package is a commitment fulfilled. That's the essence of a thriving logistics company, navigating success through the intricate web of supply and demand with seamless grace

Sandra Adaobi John

Admin Officer

Efficiency in motion, precision in delivery – where every mile is a promise kept. In the world of logistics, we navigate the intricate dance of supply chains, turning challenges into opportunities. Delivering not just packages, but reliability, trust, and the seamless orchestration of global commerce.

Toju Andrea

Web designer

Efficiency in motion, precision in delivery. JCO Logistics is not just about moving goods; it's the art of orchestrating seamless journeys from origin to destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

logistics encompasses a broader set of activities involved in the management of the supply chain, while transport specifically focuses on the physical movement of goods and people. Both are integral components of modern commerce, ensuring the timely and efficient delivery of products and services.

Staying up to date with industry trends and best practices involves continuous learning through courses, webinars, and workshops. Industry publications, professional networks, and social media are valuable sources for real-time updates. Podcasts, webinars, blogs, and online forums provide additional insights, while market research reports and certifications contribute to comprehensive knowledge. Collaboration, partnerships, and internal training programs within organizations also play a vital role in staying current with industry developments. Regular reassessment and active seeking of new information are crucial in adapting to a dynamic business landscape.

whether cross-docking is a good idea depends on the specific circumstances and requirements of the business. It can be a valuable strategy for certain industries and product types, especially those with high-volume, standardized goods and a need for quick turnaround times. However, careful planning, technological support, and collaboration with partners are essential for successful implementation.

JCO Africa Logistics Nigeria Limited is a 21st Century Logistics Company providing Business solution by bridging transportation gap between shipping lines and the importer; this is done by ensuring the containers and goods get to the importer’s final destination seamlessly and timely.

To determine if a Bill of Lading (BOL) is incomplete, carefully check for essential elements such as accurate shipper and consignee information, carrier details, a precise description of goods, shipping terms, the date of issue, valid signatures, freight charges, delivery terms, and any notations or marks. If any of these critical components are missing or inaccurate, the BOL may be considered incomplete, potentially leading to complications in the shipping process. Thorough review and adherence to international trade regulations are crucial, and seeking professional advice is advisable if uncertainties arise.